Olleh Music Indie Awards Winners, May 2012

With the voting concluded yesterday, who won the May 2012 edition of Olleh Music’s Indie Awards is now clear. Best Album: Annyeongbada – Pink Revolution (56%) Best Artist: Peterpan Complex (40%) Best Rookie: Burntout House (58%) The other nominees fared as follows: Album Nominees: 2. Glen Check  – Haute Couture (38%) 3. Lowdown 30 – 1 (4%) 4. Noisecat – Sunday Sunset Airlines (2%) Artist Nominees: 2. Mongoose (36%) 3. Kingston Rudieska (13%) 4. Hanumpa (11%)… Continue reading

Concert Sketch Video for Annyeongbada’s Luminous Star

As illustrated by the latest Indie Go Chart from Daum, Annyeongbada‘s “야광별 (Luminous Star)” is the second most popular track from the band’s recently released second album. With a music video already produced for album main track “악마 (Devil)”, label Fluxus Music recognized the potential of “Luminous Star” and has put together live performance clips… Continue reading