Bye Bye Sea Return as Annyeongbada

Bye Bye Sea are set to return with their second full-length album on February 27th and it looks as though they’ve gone back to using their pre-Fluxus international name Annyeongbada. The title of the album is Pink Revolution and with twelve tracks total it includes their cover of Kim Kwang Seok‘s “변해가네” from last year’s tribute album as a bonus track. Also included on the album is the cover of Pipi Longstocking‘s “바보버스” previously recorded as part of the Tribute90 series as well as a song called “네가 좋아” featuring Kim Hyo Youn, formerly A.Bridge.

A video promoting the band’s second album release concert on the 25th is set to new song “Morning Bell”:


Here is the Tribute90 video for “바보버스”:


End of last year the band performed new album track “악마” and “화끈한 밤이야” on KBS show Leehanchul’s All That Music:



During last year Annyeongbada performed another few songs from the new album on live clubs. Here’s “야광별”:


While on M Soundplex last year the band took the opportunity to perform their version of “변해가네”:

Source: Hyang Music

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