Full Music Video for Annyeongbada’s Devil

With the band formerly known as Bye Bye Sea releasing their second full-length album today, following the music video teaser from last week the full music video for main track “악마 (Devil)” has now seen the light of the day. As we had suspected the band has now officially changed names to Annyeongbada.

The album release concert was held on Saturday February 25th. The band was caught on camera by camelopardalis10 performing a song from the new album and also covering Seo Taji & Boys.

Here’s “삐에로”:


And here they are covering one of Seo Taiji & Boys’ finest, “환상속의 그대“:

For more about the songs on the new album, see our first post on Pink Revolution.

Sources: Annyeongbada official Twitter; Say Bye to the Sea

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