Spotlight on Oh Ji Eun

New spotlight at Dahee’s Plastic Castle today, this time on one of Korean indie’s strongest female voices: [K-Music Spotlight] Oh Ji Eun. As usual Dahee Fanel has included a bunch of great videos with sample lyrics. Although this time I’m missing the most gorgeous song in Oh Ji Eun‘s repertoire: []오지은 – 화 @ 상상마당.

On Delight & Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Although debut album Hedgehog’s Dilemma was not released until yesterday, December 8, pop/soft rock group Delight has already gotten a bit of attention from several sources. – make-shift cartology: artist overview: Delight [딜라이트] – omonatheydidnt: Delight comes out with their very first album– allkpop: Listen to new group Delight Although I’d recommend the overview link… Continue reading

Overview of 2nd Moon and related artists

Another bunch of fine artist overviews were posted at make-shift cartology yesterday. This time Janet’s had a look at a few bands with music you will have to look for in the new age section of a record store:– artist overview: Bard [바드]– artist overview: 2nd Moon [두번째달]– artist overview: Alice in Neverland [앨리스인 네버랜드]