Hollow Jan Return with New Album

In 2006 Hollow Jan released the celebrated full-length album Rought Draft In Progress, that went on to win Best Rock Album at the 2008 Korean Music Awards. The screamo band disbanded not long thereafter, but to the joy of fans returned with original members for the Club Ssam closing event in May 2011.


After a couple of years in the making, Hollow Jan will finally release second full-length album Day Off on March 4th. With an album concept of ‘death’ song titles range from “Day 0” to “Day 7”, each telling a different story on the theme. Prior to the release, “Day 7” was revealed in full through a digital single released on February 10th.


Until now the band has been restrictive with playing the songs live, though that is expected to change during the official album release show at Veloso this Sunday, March 2nd.
Update, March 1st: The album release show was canceled on Friday evening as guitarist Lee Kwang Jae will not be able to participate.


Even so they did perform “Day 7” already a year ago for Naver’s On Stage:


hollow jan rough draft in progressWith Rought Draft In Progress going out of print a long time ago, on February 28th a ‘deluxe edition’ of Hollow Jan’s first album will be released. In addition to the original tracklist it includes the 4 songs from the 2004 demo that first gained them attention as well as 2003 studio rehearsal recordings of 2005 debut EP Hyacinthus Orientalis of Purple songs “Beside Oneself” and “Hateful Speech”.

hollowjan_fundraiserpartyAlso on February 28th Hollow Jan will be hosting a fundraising party and flea market at Standard Identity in Hongdae to fund their travel to the US, where they are scheduled to play SXSW2014 in Austin, Texas on March 12th. Both albums will be available for sale during the event.

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