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For as long as I’ve been working, I’ve been one of those people that really like Mondays. This is true now more than ever as weekends are keeping me far too busy with things I should’ve taken care of long time ago with little to no time for updates here. Hopefully that’ll change soon, but till then here’s a bunch of fairly recent links I didn’t have time to post sooner:

– Following Mint Paper‘s Cat, Dog, and Man + Woman story compilations, where selected Korean indie artists have contributed with new material around a theme, the next Mint Paper project will be called LIFE and is expected to be released next spring reports Violet Sweets: [Mintpaper] New Compilation.

– Dain Leathem over at the Korea Gig Guide has written a bit on Korean reggae and ska, including a few impressions from a recent event at Club Ta: Korean Reggae Scene Keeps Getting Stronger

민트브라이트 : 나루의 셀프인터뷰
wassereis has found and translated a self-interview by modern rock guy Naru. A fun read where we learn that he used to listen to kpop legends H.O.T.: [Naru] Selfinterview

Safari Tour season 3 : Diary
– “Afro Soul Funk” band Serengeti played the third and last night of their Safari Tour season 3 this weekend. wassereis was there and experienced the story based event first hand: Safari Tour Season 3, 3rd Episode

Fortune Cookie 1집 - 행운의 시작
– Lounge duo Fortune Cookie has had their first album reviewed at wakesidevision: Fortune Cookie – The Beginning of Fortune Review

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