Randomness #25

After a week back on a “normal” schedule, I can’t help but miss the long nights/mornings I could enjoy during that one glorious week when I would do my main sleep in the afternoon and wake up in the evening. Now I’m back to feeling too tired to do anything worthwhile in the evenings after… Continue reading

Randomness #24

I’ve had a remarkably good start to 2015. Not that anything in particular has happened–except for me clearing all available day and dream levels in Candy Crush Saga for the first time–just that I’ve been feeling remarkably good about it. I had an extremely relaxing holiday, sleeping for as long as I wanted to whenever… Continue reading

Randomness #19

A week into my new, month-long self-improvement experiment with early evenings, sort of early mornings, very little overtime and almost daily exercise I’m satisfied enough to think it’ll be a good idea to continue for another week. All of a sudden I have a lot more time for “my things” meaning that blogging and putting… Continue reading

Randomness #18

No randomness post last week as I was on a family vacation in Singapore, and no post yesterday as I have decided to try a new daily schedule that includes going to bed early. Singapore was awesome. Very clean, green city full of interesting buildings. Lots and lots of great eats from street food to… Continue reading

Randomness #17

Surprisingly another week is already over and even though I have the shelves where my music collection will be stored for the next few years in place I have yet to actually add anything to them. It was only Friday that I finally got around to writing the 2014 Penta Super Rookies post I had… Continue reading

Randomness #16

It’s vacation peak season in Sweden now and we’ve got the summer heat to justify it. I’m no good with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius (my comfort zone is somewhere closer to 20) so I actually prefer to work at this time of the year–unlike a typical Swedish home, the office has air condition +… Continue reading