Randomness #5

This has been a pretty good week. Workwise, blogwise, and in general. In Sweden we were celebrating Walpurgis Night and I opted to do so by watching a huge bonfire with a few friends and colleagues, which turned into an evening with a ton of fun. I finally completed that post with all the UK… Continue reading

Randomness #4

The week that just passed hasn’t really been about either music or blogging for me. Instead it has been pretty much all about Italy as I was on a road-trip in the north-western part of the country. There was a lot of really good food, though not as pasta-centric as I had anticipated, but not… Continue reading

Randomness #3

Remember how last week I was making excuses about not blogging because my husband and I had started to look for an apartment? It’ll likely be many years before I can use that excuse again as we bought our first apartment (we’ve been renting until now) a few days ago. It was very sudden–a week… Continue reading

Randomness #2

It’s my first weekend home alone in a year and with no elaborate plans I’m using all the free time to do some much needed catching up. I just went through a month’s worth of  K-pop entertainment blogs and the most surprising headlines I found was that about an idol pop punk band – turns out it… Continue reading

Randomness #1

For a full month now my blogging has focused almost exclusively on Top Band 2. With the exception of the first episode my coverage of the first season was limited to post drafts and notes scribbled on paper, so when Korean rock is real’s Anna suggested an I Am A Singer style commentary series I… Continue reading