JamBiNai’s debut EP out soon

The ambient/post-rock-ish traditional Korean music trio JamBiNai (잠비나이) will release its debut EP on August 25. Although not counting more than three tracks, the self-titled release still achieves a play time over 35 minutes. The EP’s first track, 손끝에서 손끝으로, accompanied Indieful ROK’s JamBiNai mini interview in a live recording (download here). To get a… Continue reading


I hope you haven’t forgotten about Amnesty International and Buffetlibre‘s “music atlas project” PEACE – more than 180 exclusive songs have been recorded by artists from over 50 countries for it, including total art act EE that participated with a song called Talk To Them. If you have yet to donate and gain access to… Continue reading