5 More Acts to See at Zandari Festa

In a few hours the first official showcases during Zandari Festa 2017 will start. As noted when I listed 5 favorite live bands that I absolutely have to see again during the festival, what makes a showcase festival especially fun is the possibility to check out something new that one perhaps wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. These are 5 bands that I’ll try to see for the first time.

Silica Gel

September 29, 21:30 @ Sangsang Madang

I should’ve already caught Silica Gel live a few years back, but had mistaken the time the show started and consequently missed it all. This shall not happen again. The band’s self-titled first full-length album brought forth some of the strongest songs of last year with pronounced synth lines and dreamy arrangements that manage to give the band a simultaneously retro and modern rock sound. I hope that the visual elements which I’ve heard make Silica Gel shows something out of the ordinary will be in place also for Zandari Festa.

Lowdown 30

September 30, 20:00 @ Rolling Hall

It was pointed out that Lowdown 30 was missing from my list of must-see acts during Zandari Festa, but only because I’ve yet to actually see Lowdown 30 myself. While the band’s music has been an acquired taste for me, this esteemed blues rock band is allegedly very convincing live. The two years I’ve visited Zandari Festa so far, Lowdown 30 leader Yoon Byeongjoo has been the artist I’ve most commonly spotted in the audience during the other showcases. This year I’ll need to make sure to also see him on stage.

Rock’N’Roll Radio

Septermber 30, 20:30 @ Sangsang Madang

A few years ago, the dance friendly music of Rock’N’Roll Radio was all the rage. The band will soon come back with a 2017 response to 80’s post-punk. Having gained experience from touring abroad as well as support locally from CJ azit’s Tune Up! I’m very much looking forward to finally seeing the band in action.


September 30, 21:30 @ Freebird

It wasn’t until last year that DABDA became a name I started seeing more and more frequently. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time, but a year later and I’ve found myself listening more to DABDA’s 저마다 섬 (Island of Each) than any other release in preparation for Zandari Festa. A weave of captivating melody lines, complex drumming, and Kim Ji Ea‘s unique vocals all serve to make DABDA one of the most interesting Korean bands right now.

kimoki fuckingmadness

October 1, 20:30 @ Freebird

While I have yet to come to the point that I can simply enjoy jazz without a conscious effort, there’s something about jazz saxophonist Kimoki that anyway makes me curious about whatever he’s involved in. Coming across kimoki fuckingmadness on Zandari Festa’s line-up announcements for 2017 the name alone was enough to draw my attention. Turns out this is some kind of jazz and hip hop fusion project that really doesn’t sound like anything for me, yet I cannot help but remain intrigued.

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