Black Friday with Goonam X Dengue Fever

In September 2014 Goonam supported USA/Cambodian pop band Dengue Fever for a couple of shows in the US. Turns out that the two bands also spent some time together in a studio, the result of which will become available on orange 7″ vinyl limited to 500 copies for Black Friday 2016, November 25.

The music video for A-side “Ganadaramaba” is already out, showing the bands recording a Khmer version of the Shin Joong Hyun composed “가나다라마바” made popular in the 70s by Kim Jung Mi.

The B-side is a Korean version of Dengue Fever’s “Integratron” which can be sampled via the official collaboration site. Anybody lucky enough to pick up a copy of the vinyl will get a download code to also access a 2 minute version of Goonam’s 2nd album track “남쪽으로 간다 (Going South)“, recorded during the same studio session.

The songs will not become available as a digital release. There shouldn’t be too much cause for worry, however, if you’re a Goonam fan but not able to get to one of the Record Store Day affiliated shops in the US end of this month–according to the Korean Goonam X Dengue Fever Facebook page it will also be released in Korea before the end of the year.

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