Gaon Charts June 2016

Korea’s national music chart Gaon published the charts for June last week. Lots of notable Korean indie music releases came out during the month. Here’s a look at how it managed during the month.


Gaon Korean Album Chart

June saw the release of several anticipated albums. Kiha & The Faces‘ 4th full-length album was released together with a “game book” on June 17. The same day also Daybreak‘s 4th full-length album came out. A day later it was time for the annual Seoul Record Fair where it appears the vinyl re-issue of 9 and the Numbers‘ 3rd full-length album was doing rather well. Also on Gaon’s Korean album chart for June, in the top 100 for the fourth month counting, is Guckkasten‘s second album owning to the popularity of Guckkasten vocalist Ha Hyun Woo on King of Mask Singer (복면가왕).

Monthly RankAlbumMonthly SalesWeekly Ranks
33 [new]Kiha & The Faces - 내 사랑에 노련한 사람이 어딨나요2,881x-x-10-34-33
39 [new]Daybreak - WITH2,397x-x-11-x-x
44 [+10] Guckkasten - Frame1,99826-30-34-48-56
100 [new]9 and the Numbers - 유예 (LP)488x-x-52-47-x

The albums that did appear on the album chart during the month, but didn’t sell enough to qualify for the monthly chart of June (i.e. less than 488 copies) were the following:

2280Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집
2453Seenroot - 이상한 나라의 신루트
2458Jambinai - A Hermitage
2697Jambinai - A Hermitage

June 17 was also the release date for Seenroot‘s first full-length album as well as the Korean version of Jambinai‘s second full-length album that both did relatively well.


Gaon Korean Digital Chart

Gaon’s digital chart combines the results of Gaon’s download, streaming and background music charts. Few indie songs make the joint chart, but all new songs to enter any of the related charts are added to Indieful ROK’s Gaon Digital 2016 YouTube playlist.

After Ha Hyun Woo’s identity was finally revealed on King of Mask Singer episode 62, those of his covers from earlier weeks on the show that had not yet been released were added as bonus tracks to the digital album 복면가왕 62회. Additional newcomers to Gaon’s Korean digital chart of June were new singles from Standing Egg and 10cm, The Black Skirts‘ contribution to the soundtrack for tvN drama Another Miss Oh (또 오해영), and the lead track off Kiha & The Faces’ new album.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
33 [-25]10cm - "봄이 좋냐??"21-36-34-39-50
37 [new]Standing Egg feat. Yeseul - "뚝뚝뚝"x-14-30-54-80
46 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "아주 오래된 연인들"x-13-51-69-96
48 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "일상으로의 초대"x-10-54-76-99
50 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "Lazenca, Save Us"x-12-58-78-x
53 [-6]Jung Joonil - "안아줘"34-51-59-51-48
61 [new]10cm - "니가 참 좋아"x-x-18-27-52
67 [new]The Black Skirts - "기다린 만큼, 더"x-x-21-33-40
74 [-7]10cm - "스토커"68-73-73-72-76
93 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "민물 장어의 꿈"x-29-x-x-x
96 [new]Kiha & The Faces - "ㅋ"x-x-35-40-x

Jang Beom June‘s “사랑에 빠졌죠”, Guckkasten’s new single “Pulse”, and Kim EZ‘s “흩어져” off the Another Miss Oh soundtrack all appeared on the weekly digital chart during the month of June.

Gaon Korean Download Chart

The indie songs that made it to the top 100 of Gaon’s Korean download chart for June were the same as for the overall digital chart with the addition of Guckkasten’s new digital single “Pulse”.

Monthly RankSongMonthly DownloadsWeekly Ranks
22 [new]Standing Egg feat. Yeseul - "뚝뚝뚝"176,980x-4-28-50-82
32 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "일상으로의 초대"153,951x-6-37-78-x
33 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "아주 오래된 연인들"153,903x-8-39-63-x
34 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "Lazenca, Save Us"153,037x-7-40-77-x
37 [new]10cm - "니가 참 좋아"147,111x-x-8-22-54
44 [new]The Black Skirts - "기다린 만큼, 더"128,548x-x-9-33-46
53 [-32]10cm - "봄이 좋냐??"115,81236-46-47-57-56
58 [-27]Jung Joonil - "안아줘"113,31940-49-54-53-49
66 [new]Kiha & The Faces - "ㅋ"107,012x-x-13-32-x
72 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "민물 장어의 꿈"102,184x-19-90-x-x
81 [-16]10cm - "스토커"92,93274-75-70-76-78
92 [new]Guckkasten - "Pulse"78,736x-x-17-95-x

In addition to the songs above, also Daybreak’s “꽃길만 걷게 해줄게” and Kim EZ’s “흩어져” appeared on Gaon’s weekly Korean download chart during June.

Gaon Korean Streaming Chart

It appears that with June the time on the charts is over for Busker Busker‘s “벚꽃 엔딩” this year, but at least Busker Busker’s Jang Beom June still has a place on the streaming chart. That aside it is largely the same as the overall digital chart.

Monthly RankSongMonthly StreamsWeekly Ranks
22 [-17]10cm - "봄이 좋냐??"7,690,21315-18-20-29-39
44 [+11]Jung Joonil - " 안아줘"5,680,95738-38-43-45-47
54 [new]Standing Egg feat. Yeseul - "뚝뚝뚝"5,071,629x-23-34-55-67
59 [-2]10cm - "스토커"4,570,11156-60-58-60-65
77 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "아주 오래된 연인들"3,661,225x-42-65-81-98
79 [new]10cm - "니가 참 좋아"3,551,930x-x-44-32-54
80 [-44]Jang Beom June - "사랑에 빠졌죠"3,465,51560-69-88-96-x
84 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "Lazenca, Save Us"3,290,965x-50-74-88-x
88 [new]The Black Skirts - "기다린 만큼, 더"3,115,573x-x-50-57-58
89 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "일상으로의 초대"3,089,503x-50-78-97-x

In addition to the songs above, Oh Hyuk’s “소녀”, and Kiha & The Faces’ “ㅋ” appeared on Gaon’s weekly Korean streaming chart during June.

Gaon BGM Chart

Only one indie track survived on Gaon’s background music chart from May to June. Plenty of new entries, however, including Nell‘s song for SBS weekend drama Beautiful Gong Shim (미녀 공심이).

Unlike the other digital charts, the BGM chart does not separate foreign and Korean entries.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
1 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "일상으로의 초대"x-1-4-8-18
3 [new]The Black Skirts - "기다린 만큼, 더"x-x-3-4-3
15 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "아주 오래된 연인들"x-3-42-56-94
20 [new]10cm - "니가 참 좋아"x-x-2-59-80
39 [new]Kim EZ - "흩어져"x-x-x-12-68
46 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "Lazenca, Save Us"x-8-54-98-x
53 [new]Nell - "기다린다"x-x-x-44-20
55 [-22]Kim Yuna - "길"8-40-43-70-53
57 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "민물 장어의 꿈"x-10-69-97-x
70 [new]Guckkasten - "Pulse"x-x-27-46-x

Additionally, Jung Joonil’s “안아줘”, Rose Motel‘s “봉숙이“, Standing Egg’s “뚝뚝뚝”, Red Chair‘s “장미의 미소”, and Ha Sang Wook and Okdal‘s collaboration track “좋은 생각이 났어, 니 생각” appeared on the weekly BGM chart during the month of June.


Gaon Mobile Chart

Just like on the other Gaon charts, the mobile charts for June has shown a high influx of new songs with most of the old entries disappearing.

Monthly Ringtone
Monthly Ringback
Tone Rank
38 [new]42 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "아주 오래된 연인들"
42 [new]20 [new]10cm - "니가 참 좋아"
61 [new]-Guckkasten - "Pulse"
63 [new]39 [new]Ha Hyun Woo - "일상으로의 초대"
84 [new]45 [new]The Black Skirts - "기다린 만큼, 더"
94 [new]64 [new]Standing Egg feat. Yeseul - "뚝뚝뚝"
-41 [-22]Bolbbalgan Sachungi - "심술"
-43 [-27]Jung Joonil - "안아줘"
-80 [-7]10cm - "스토커"
-97 [-48]Acoustic Collabo - "응원가"

Additionally Acoustic Collabo‘s “그대와 나, 설레임”, Okdal’s “수고했어 오늘도” and Ha Sang Wook collaboration “좋은 생각이 났어, 니 생각”, One More Chance‘s “널 생각해”, Rose Motel’s “봉숙이”, Daybreak’s “꽃길만 걷게 해줄게”, Kiha & The Faces’ “ㅋ”, Kim EZ’s “흩어져”, and Red Chair’s “장미의 미소” appeared on the weekly mobile charts during June.


Gaon Korean Noraebang Chart

Following the recent popularity of Jung Joonil‘s first album lead track “안아줘”, during June also the lead track from his second album, released in 2014, got some extra attention.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
3 [+5] Jung Joonil - "안아줘"3-3-3-4-4
5 [+2] 10cm - "스토커"6-6-6-5-5
16 [-14]10cm - "봄이 좋냐??"13-13-18-21-28
40 [-4]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"36-41-44-41-41
59 [+51] Jung Joonil - "고백"79-60-57-53-56
82 [-5]Busker Busker - "정류장"73-74-85-90-90

No other Korean indie songs appeared on the weekly noraebang chart during the month of June.

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