Randomness #35

In March I went on a business trip. While I remembered well from previous occasions how little free time that means–and so prepared blog posts in advance–I had forgotten all about how much extra work is required after returning home. I finally feel like I could balance my time better again, so the plan is to get back to blogging regularly.

Recent Listening

Theatre 8 released 3rd full-length album 언제나 나는 너를 생각해 (Perfect Moment) in April. It showed up on Spotify a couple of weeks later so of course I had to give it a listen. I really enjoy Theatre 8’s light and fun brand of music and the new album definitely delivers. While there might not be a new “양화대교”, several songs did stand out for me–“연애란걸 하게 됐어”, “일러두기”, and “언제나 나는 너를 생각해” in particular.

Last week I learned that Modern Sky Helsinki will return this year. The 2015 edition was the best music festival I’ve ever attended, so I’m most definitely returning this year. Jambinai is the only Korean artist that has been announced so far, but I’m also looking forward to seeing Japan’s Mono again and am very excited at the chance of seeing Bo Ningen. live I had actually returned to my Modern Sky Helsinki 2015 just a couple of weeks prior, but now I’m instead working on a new Modern Sky HKI playlist based on what I could find from the first round of 2016 artists. Several interesting discoveries so far, the most compelling one being Finland’s own “space-kraut” act Black Metal Raccoons.

Random News

During the weekend Bulssazo surprised with the announcement of “brand new shit” in the shape of 4th full-length album 한(국힙)합 (Han Kook Hip Hop). The same day Beatball Music promised “imminent release”, though I have yet to spot it in any of the usual Korean indie music outlets online. I’m always intrigued by whatever Bulssazo is up to, but this has me even more curious than usual! On a related note: Bulssazo bassist Seo Myunghun released solo album LIFE under the moniker nuh end of April.

Much like I always trust Reggae Chicken to provide excellent fried chicken, I’ve come to trust in Reggae Chicken Label’s ability to provide excellent music. Following Hellivision and Hippie Death Star, it’s time for Reggae Chicken Label owner Rhiu Kwang Hee to launch his one-man project moon-gwa-gurum. Formerly a drummer of psychedelic k-indie pioneers Nenoon, moon-gwa-gurum’s solo debut Dance With The Limp promises a mix of the progressive and avant-garde with keyboard riffs, drum solos, and a contrast between the analogue and the digital.

Blog Stuff

As so commonly is the case there are plenty of things I want to do with IROK that are rather technical in nature, but for the next few weeks my focus will be on producing new blog posts. With several rookie band competitions happening there are plenty of new bands to introduce. I also intend to write a little bit about my long weekend in Lyon, France, for Nuits Sonores and Cool Korea. Maybe after that I can finally play around some more with OpenRefine and JavaScript to the extent that there’ll actually be some results to show on the blog.

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