Gaon Charts January 2016

Korea’s national music chart Gaon published the charts for the first month of 2016 this Monday–a few days later than usual as the lunar new year took place the week prior. Here’s a look at how the local indie music managed during the month.


Gaon Korean Album Chart

While December was a rather good month for Korean indie albums sales, in terms of numbers the Korean album chart for January looks even better. The albums still in print remain on the monthly chart, joined by a few of the new releases for the month. There is The Black Skirts‘ already sold-out HIGHGRND debut single from January 29; Baik Hyunjhin and Leo Bang‘s collaborative album, recorded under the name bahngbek, from January 18; and acoustic duo Acourve‘s first full-length album from January 14.

Monthly RankAlbumMonthly SalesWeekly Ranks
33 [new] The Black Skirts -
52 [-22]Lucid Fall - 누군가를 위한1,18523-x-x-30
55 [+16] Dickpunks - 29,1,06930-27-x-89
80 [new] bahngbek - 너의 손553x-26-x-x
83 [new] Acourve - First Step548x-36-x-67

The albums that did appear on the album chart during the month, but didn’t sell enough to qualify for the monthly chart of January (i.e. less than 411 copies) were the following:

235OOHYO - 어드벤처
256Dead Buttons - Some Kind Of Youth
342Hello Ga Young - 좋아하는 마음
398Learning Project - 길을 떠나다

In January, OOHYO‘s first full-length album Adventure returned to Gaon’s weekly album chart for the first time since October. The other releases that made one of the weekly charts without selling enough to qualify for the monthly chart were all released during January.


Gaon Korean Digital Chart

Gaon’s digital chart combines the results of Gaon’s download, streaming and background music charts. Few indie songs make the joint chart, but all new songs to enter any of the related charts are added to Indieful ROK’s Gaon Digital 2016 YouTube playlist.

Gaon’s Korean digital chart during January shows Oh Hyuk‘s single for tvN hit drama Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) has only fallen a few positions out of the top 3 since the month prior. Meanwhile Hyukoh‘s “위잉위잉” has been doing a better job staying on the chart during January than it managed in December.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
6 [-3]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"5-5-6-12
63 [-1]Soyou & Kwon Yeong Jeol - "어깨"59-62-67-81
82 [+16] Hyukoh - "위잉위잉"80-81-84-96

Additionally, Acourve’s “우연이라도”, The Black Skirt’s “Everything”, and a few songs from tvN drama Cheese In The Trap (치즈 인 더 트랩) appeared on the weekly digital chart during the month of January.

Cheese In The Trap keeps Tearliner as music director, leading to an excellent soundtrack. The songs from the OST that charted during January were Tearliner and Yozoh‘s “I Am Love”, Vanilla Acoustic‘s “너와 나의 시간은”, and “Such” from Loveholic‘s Kang Hyun Min featuring Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyuna. The highest position, #18, was held by Vanilla Acoustic’s “너와 나의 시간은” during week 4.

Gaon Korean Download Chart

The only new indie song to enter Gaon’s Korean download chart of January was Vanilla Acoustic’s lead track off Cheese In The Trap OST Part 4. Although it looks as though Hyukoh’s “위잉위잉” is doing better on the chart than the previous month, the actual number of downloads has declined slightly.

Monthly RankSongMonthly DownloadsWeekly Ranks
11 [-8]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"244,8618-11-13-22
64 [-]Soyou & Kwon Jeong Yeol - "어깨"88,19059-61-66-82
66 [+21] hyukoh - "위잉위잉"83,60671-64-72-85
70 [new]Vanilla Acoustic - "너와 나의 시간은"81,374x-x-x-8
85 [new]Jang Beom June - "회상"72,353x-x-x-28

In addition to the songs above, also Acourve’s “우연이라도”, The Black Skirt’s “Everything”, Tearliner’s “I Am Love”, Kang Hyun Min’s “Such”, Hello Gayoung’s “좋아하는 마음“, and Sunwoo Jung-A‘s first collaboration track with CN Blue‘s Jung Yong Hwa appeared on Gaon’s weekly Korean download chart during January.

Gaon Korean Streaming Chart

The Korean streaming chart for January contained only the same indie songs that also qualified for the overall digital chart. Since the previous month, Oh Hyuk had to leave the top spot for Gary’s “Lonely Night (또 하루)“.

Monthly RankSongMonthly StreamsWeekly Ranks
2 [-1]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"16,425,7812-4-3-6
48 [-9]Soyou & Kwon Jeong Yeol - "어깨"4,228,40648-48-53-56
68 [-4]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"3,561,32670-69-69-74

In addition to the songs above, also Acourve’s “우연이라도” and Vanilla Acoustic’s “너와 나의 시간은” appeared on Gaon’s weekly streaming chart during the month of January.

Gaon BGM Chart

The January BGM chart only allowed for a few Korean indie song. Unlike the other digital charts, the BGM chart does not separate foreign and Korean entries.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
11 [-5]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"14-11-16-32
33 [new]Jang Beom June - "회상"x-x-x-9
65 [new]Vanilla Acoustic - "너와 나의 시간은"x-x-x-10

Additionally, Coffee Boy‘s “행복의 주문“, Hello Gayoung’s “좋아하는 마음”, Junyfore‘s “하늘 끝에서 흘린 눈물”, Rocoberry‘s “계절 끝 (잠 못 드는 밤 2)”, and The Black Skirts’ “Everything” appeared on the weekly BGM chart during January.


Gaon Mobile Chart

Things were looking bleak for Korean indie music on Gaon’s mobile charts towards the end of 2015, but January this year is starting out better.

Monthly Ringtone
Monthly Ringback
Tone Rank
7 [-4]10 [-9]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"
81 [new]61 [new]Vanilla Acoustic - "너와 나의 시간은"
-52 [hot]Acoustic Collabo - "응원가"
-63 [-]One More Chance - "널 생각해"
-73 [+73] Saevom - "취기를 빌려"
-81 [new]Hello Gayoung - "좋아하는 마음"
-96 [new]Acourve - "하고 싶은 말"
97 [new]Kang Hyun Min - "Such" (feat. Jo Hyuna)

Additionally Acourve’s “그게 뭐라고” and “우연이라도”, Yun Ddan Ddan‘s “겨울을 걷는다“, 10cm’s “스토커“, cosmoshippie’s “어쩌면 좋아”, and Sunwoo Jung-A and Jung Yong Hwa’s second collaboration track appeared on the weekly mobile charts during January.


Gaon Korean Noraebang Chart

After lasting a full 6 months on Gaon’s Korean noraebang chart, Hyukoh’s “위잉위잉” left the top 100 as 2016 started. Hyukoh leader Oh Hyuk can still be found on the chart however, with his contribution to tvN drama Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) leaving the top spot to Lee Juck‘s Deulgukhwa cover “걱정말아요 그대” for the same drama.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
2 [-1]Oh Hyuk - "소녀"1-2-3-3
35 [+9] 10cm - "스토커"40-29-33-34
78 [-3]Cherry Filter - "낭만 고양이"70-83-90-86
99 [-4]Busker Busker - "정류장"99-92-94-94

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