IROK’s 8th Anniversary

January 10, 2016 marked the 8th anniversary of Indieful ROK and it has again become time to say thank you. As always, I continue to be humbled by and grateful for all the fantastic things that have come into my life thanks to this blog. The friends, the music, the many good times. Even as I’ve let the blog go neglected for months, I’ve received nothing but love and support. It’s a beautiful thing, really. So thank you, so very, very much for stopping by, for reading, for engaging.

2015 was a great year for Indieful ROK, in spite of the hiatus during autumn. During spring I was surprised but very happy to find that Indieful ROK had been listed on the Hype Machine. Although the blog has since been removed from the index–I assume because of inactivity–it’s a huge honor to have been included at all.

I’m very glad and grateful to have had excellent guest contributors both for the Korean Music Awards special and the Top Band 3 commentary series in the year that passed. As much fun as it is to share my own findings and thoughts regarding music, it’s even more fun to do so together with others. On the same theme, I’m also very glad to have gotten further acquainted with both Angle Magazine and DoIndie–in my opinion the 2 best English language blogs on Korean music today–contributing a blog post to each. Hopefully there can be many more collaborations this year.

2016 is special to me in that it marks 20 years since I first heard Kim Gun Mo‘s 3rd album. It was my first introduction to Korean music and I fell in love right away. I could never imagine then all that have happened since. In honor of that, as great as 2015 was for Indieful ROK I’ll have to make 2016 even better. Thanks again for taking part of this blog and for being a part of my life–even if just as a number in the page statistics.

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    1. Anna

      Thank you, Philip! Now you reminded me that one of those Ministry of Culture etc. men said we should all go see Kim Gun Mo together next time we came to Korea :)


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