Hello Rookie Final 2015

2015 saw the 9th edition of rookie musician competition Hello Rookie take place. Monthly winners were crowned for May through September with the grand final taking place November 14th. It was broadcast on EBS December 11th, with VOD now available both in regular and HD quality. Additional clips from the final, embedded below, have been uploaded to the official Hello Rookie YouTube account.

For the final, 6 bands had been picked through a separate audition among the monthly winners and wild cards of 2015: Boys In The Kitchen, Earthbound, A-FUZZ, Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans, DTSQ, and 57.

In addition to performing their own songs, the competition included special collaboration stages to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korean indie music. Earthbound, A-FUZZ and 57 performed Pippi Band‘s “유쾌한 씨의 껌 씹는 방법” and “딸기” whereas Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans, DTSQ and Boys In The Kitchen combined Delispice‘s “차우차우” with Glen Check‘s “60’s Cardin“.


Winner: A-FUZZ

All-female jazz funk band A-FUZZ released first mini album Fading Light in March 2015. The quartet was named Hello Rookie of May 2015 with guitarist Jinny Kim receiving particular praise from the judges. During the summer A-FUZZ competed in the KOCCA sponsored K-Rookies competition, eventually being named one of 6 winners.


Runner Up: Boys In The Kitchen

Garage rock’n’roll band Boys In The Kitchen formed in 2011 but waited till late 2014 before releasing the first, self-titled EP. EP lead track “Bivo” was nominated for Best Modern Rock song at the Korean Music Awards 2015. Boys In The Kitchen’s second EP Puberty was released this December. The four member band was named Hello Rookie of June 2015 and was another of the 6 winners of 2015 K-Rookies.


Special Award: 57

Originally playing together in the band Rainbow Stage, Jeonju based duo 57 released a self-titled EP in October 2014. The rock act became a Hello Rookie wild card during the September auditions and was named Super Discovery in Sangsang Madang’s Band Discovery a month later.



DTSQ is short for Delta Sequence. The 4-member punk/garage/electro band released its first single “D-Punk” in 2014 and followed up with EP Dig Out From A Box In The Basement in April 2015. DTSQ was named Hello Rookie of July 2015.



Offering rock with jazz sentiments, Earthbound released debut album Hangover in March 2015. The trio won Hello Rookie in June and was named New Discovery in Sangsang Madang’s Band Discovery after the summer.


Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans

Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans is a rock band with 4 members, said to lead a modern Yangban-lifestyle. Debut album 사랑가 was released in August 2014. The band became a wild card during the auditions for the August edition of Hello Rookie.


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