2014 Band Discovery Top 3

Following what used to be the SangSang Madang Band Incubating program, KT&G are now hosting the SangSang Madang Band Discovery competition offering 3 new bands an opportunity to play the 2014 Sangsang Fest in November. The Top 6 was picked in the beginning July with indie pop bands The Lads and Cranfield, bluegrass and country band Country Gongband, indie rock band MAN, rock’n’roll band Pavlov and bittersweet band Black Russian making the cut out of 491 applicants. The final to find the Top 3 was held on Saturday August 23rd.



Super Discovery: MAN

5 million won richer and with filming for Naver Onstage ahead, band MAN was appointed Super Discovery during the 2014 Band Discovery. The win followed just a couple of weeks after MAN was named Hello Rookie of September. The band formed in November 2013 and has been playing actively since January 2014. MAN’s first demo was produced by Rock’n’Roll Radio‘s RockQoo.


New Discovery: Pavlov

Pavlov was selected on of two runner-ups during the 2014 Band Discovery. Although the band released it debut EP 반드시 크게 들을 것 already in 2008 it is only with the release of first full-length 26 that Pavlov’s brand of rock’n’roll has received some wider recognition. Last month Pavlov was selected Hello Rookie of August in competition with MAN.


New Discovery: Black Russian

Black Russian was the other of the two runner-ups in the 2014 Band Discovery. The modern rock band has been playing actively since 2012 and released 3 digital singles during 2013. Known for her bittersweet songs, vocalist Kim Yena won silver in the 23rd Yoo Jaeha Music Competition, held in 2013. Black Russian participated in the live audition for the May edition of Hello Rookie, but were beaten by Cranfield that time.

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