Randomness #14

Compared to the week before, the latest week has been a breeze. I turned it into a much needed exercise in taking it easy, and it was successful enough for me to want to try the same thing.

In addition to working less I’ve been listening to a lot more music, starting with my preparations for the August Hello Rookie post. Busan based ‘British Rock’ band Lowfeels became the first new discovery for me, as I had missed their single release in May. The guitarist used to be in nabi:mat and the bassist has a history in Oh Rock Bu Jang. I’ve been playing “Oasis” the most, but it’s also worth to check out the demos they used for the Hello Rookie online audition. An EP should be on the way.


The other new name I found thanks to Hello Rookie was MAN“. I’ve been listening to their demos a lot and really, really enjoy “Come Around”. The demo was produced by Rock’N’Roll Radio‘s RockQoo, which could explain part of their attractive sound. Considering the current trends of the Korean indie music scene, I would be very surprised if MAN doesn’t become one of the more successful, young bands relatively soon.

New music that I’m looking forward to is the debut EP from we are here. It should be out this Thursday and the album info promises rock, blues and folk combined it with an electronic sound. That in itself would not necessarily be a selling point for me, but with Joyumn (aka Gate FlowersYeom Seung Shik) as one half of this “space pop duo” I’m very eager to hear it all in full–already the one song I’ve heard, “파라란”, (in a Joyumn only version) is stunning. The second half of the duo is modern music composer Choi Bong Kwon, but I’ll have to admit that I was unfamiliar with his name until this weekend.


This was the weekend that I was supposed to at least get the shelving for my music collection in place, alas when I made it to IKEA it turned out that some of the parts (as well as some things I need to put the balcony in order) were currently out of stock. I had to order it all online instead and with a delivery time of more than a week it’ll be end of July before I can do anything more with that. So instead of blogging about how to arrange music in a physical space & the awesome music I rediscover while doing so, I suspect the next week will instead be focused on more new discoveries.

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