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The first album from guitar pop band Julia Hart came out in 2001. Since then the band has changed members several times and from end of last year leader Bobby Chung, guitarist Song Moogon and bassist Jeong Jusik have been joined by drummer U Byung Duck (9 and the Numbers, Starry-Eyed) and guitarist Kim Naeun (I Love JH, Trampauline).

It’s been seven years since the release of the fourth full-length from Julia Hart and this April time has finally come for the fifth: 인디 달링을 찾아서. Released by Spangle Music, it became available online on April 3rd with the CD release following on April 8th. The album lists 11 tracks all written by Bobby Chung, including “정월의 루미나리에 (Luminarie)” that was released as a digital single in December.

Those that opt to buy the CD will also get a DVD with a 60 minute album making film directed by Ha Ji Hye. The trailer is set to the sound of album opening track “인디 달링 (Indie Darling).


With the new line-up Bobby Chung shares vocalist responsibilities with Son Moogon and Kim Naeun, but even so the band features other singers on three of the album recordings. Park Sungdo of Onepunch, who just released his first solo EP on the same label, is featured on the song “차를 댈 곳 (A Place To Park)“. The other Onepunch member Seo Youngho can also be heard on the album as he is featured on “벼락 (Coup De Foudre)“. Additionally, Zitten is featured on “Kiss (세상의 모든 해변)“.

The music video for album lead track “세러네이드 (Serenade)” was directed by Kang Kyu Hun and revealed to the public as the album got its digital release.


There has yet to be a music video for second album lead track “옆집소년효과 (Boy Next Door Effect)” but Julia Hart did get caught on camera performing the song at Strange Fruit a few months ago:


Find out about the origin of the name Julia Hart and how Bobby Chung describes his music in this mini-interview from 2009.

Via: Hyang Music

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