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It’s been almost a full week since I happily announced the return of Indieful ROK. I was of course very excited about it then–still am–with a schedule for a few posts a week covering until the end of the month.

My next post was supposed to be a review. It’s already half written, but I realized that it could be taken as my boasting rather than being an accurate reflection of my feelings on the album so I think I’ll save it for another while. There’s another bunch of albums I would really like to review for various reasons, but I didn’t get around to listening to them when the review should’ve been written. Because although I’ve listened to a lot more music this past week than I’m used to nowadays, the music in question has been almost exclusively Finnish and German power metal from the 90s and early 00s.

During an after work end of the week before this I learned that one of my colleagues is really into Sonata Arctica. Power metal in general, with Sonata Arctica as one of my favorites, was something I listened a lot to during my years at the university, so I ended up surprisingly nostalgic about it and haven’t been able to let go since. I’ve tried. Especially after realizing it’d already been a week. But I just can’t seem to get enough. I’m very happy in my own, nostalgic power metal bubble, but the timing is really not the best so hopefully I can get out of it soon.

Meanwhile I had planned a couple of posts that wouldn’t actually require me to listen to the music, but then real life sort of got in the way. A few days ago my husband and I decided we need to get serious about finding a new apartment (which is not an easy task in Stockholm) so we’ve dedicated a lot of time to that. I’ve also improved my personal travel agent skills by making a ton of reservations (though still a bit more planning to do…) for a couple of trips this coming month. Unfortunately neither of the trips will coincide with shows from the Korean bands already in or headed for Europe, but with time I should be able to fix that…

So here we are, a week later and still nothing new. I do have a couple of posts already scheduled for next week (Music Alliance Pact and Record Store Day special coming up!), but I want to be able to give you something right away. So although I was gonna wait a while longer to introduce new old contents on the site, the first translated interview from Korean music, fashion and life blog Blue Screen Life will go live in an hour or so.

That’s all for now.

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