Tearliner Returns with Second Album

Eight years after the album debut, Tearliner is finally ready to return with second full-length album Grey Garden (잿빛 정원) on September 13th. Planned since 2007, the album holds 14 titles of songs old and new.

In 2009 Tearliner released single Embrace All, planned to be the first in a series of four. The original version of “Embrace All” can soon be found on the new album, alongside “Love Traveler”, “사랑은 잠시” and “달콤한 계절” that were meant to follow. The album also includes “너는 내게”, which could be heard in a piano version in 2007 hit drama Coffee Prince where Tearliner served as the music director. Among the newer titles we find “Sweet Nightmare” featuring Casker‘s Lee Yoongjin.

Now signed with Fargo Music, Tearliner made a special performance during a 9 And The Numbers show in December last year. The audience were treated to both “너는 내게” and “Love Traveler”:

Via: Hyang Music; Tearliner

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