Hello Rookies of July 2013 Announced

The live auditions for the July edition of Hello Rookie were held at Rolling Hall in Hongdae on June 3rd. Among the 7 bands competing for the title ECE and Roundheads, that qualified for the live audition also the month prior, could be found. This time rock band ECE came out as the winner alongside Britrock inspired garage band 24Hours. The other teams auditioning for July that have yet to be named Hello Rookie of any month were Lee Jin Woo, WHOwho, DecaDan.D and Sweden Laundry.

With the eclectic stage performance of ECE’s vocalist, ECE are reasonably well-recognized inside the Hongdae scene since becoming one of Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Hidden Masters last year. Here’s a performance of “오아” from the 51+ festival held a month ago:


24Hours came out with their first album little over a month ago. Roughly at the same time came the music video for “째깍째깍(Tick-tock Tick-tock)”:

Via: Hello Rookie 1, 2

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