Papercut Project Release First Full-Length Album

Papercut Project gathers Sugarbowl vocalist Ko Changin, Soulights guitarist Yu Kyeong Pyo and Soulights drummer Kim Doo Hyun. The acoustic trio released their first full-length album 불공정연애 on May 21st including all three songs from debut single Pass Me Not, released a year earlier.

Going for a combination of detailed and witty lyrics with light and timeless arrangements Papercut Project tell love stories over bossanova influenced melodies. In addition to several songs of their own, the album includes a remake of “왜 날” from Light & Salt leader Kio‘s solo album.

Brief samples of two new songs have been uploaded to Papercut Project’s Facebook page:
6. “나 오늘 어때
7. “일단 내가 다 잘못했어

Since last year the songs from the debut single, now closing the album, can be sampled through Ko Changin’s YouTube channel:
9. “페이퍼컷 (Papercut)
10. “설레발
11. “봉인해제의 밤

At the beginning of the year Papercut Project became the 89th Indie2Go artist. Here is the Indie To Go video for “페이퍼컷 (Papercut)”:


Papercut Project have not just recorded “왜 날” for this album, they’ve also regularly included it in their performances. Here filmed at Common Place in January:

Via: Hyang Music

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