Kim Il Du Releases Kim Il Du Collection

Folk musician Kim Il Du will soon have 2CD set 김일두 콜렉션, or Kim Il Du Collection–also going under the title 곱고 맑은 영혼–released on Helicopter Records. The collection in question consists of a remastered version of Kim Il Du’s 2010 album 난 어쩔 수 없는 천재에요 as well as 2013 album, gathering all 14 songs from his 2011 album Suspens and 8 titles more.

Originally scheduled for a release on April 1st, the Kim Il Du Collection the online release was delayed till April 2nd whereas the CD can now be picked up in select shops across Seoul. The album release show was held April 1st at Ruloorala and was filmed by misoa Re

A teaser for the album came out during the weekend:


Kim Il Du was a featured artist on Naver On Stage in November last year. His set then included Kim Il Du Collection lead track “사랑의 환영” as well as “누군가를 사랑한다는 것 (About Loving Someone)”, “Come and Go” and “문제없어요” that can all be found on the new release.


Visit Kim Il Du on Bandcamp to sample the full Suspens part of the release.

Via: Helicopter Records 1, 2

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