10th Korean Music Awards Nominees : Best Dance & Electronic

Continuing were we left off in our Korean Music Awards 2013 nominee introduction series, this week we start with the albums and songs nominated in the Best Dance & Electronic category.


Best Dance & Electronic Album

f(x)Electric Shock

Idol girl group f(x) debuted in 2009 and have since released a number of singles, a full-length album and two mini-albums. The latest mini album Electric Shock came out in June 2012 and was met with great expectations as the girls continued to offer unique styles and concepts. The first half of the EP in particular – “Electric Shock”, “Jet” and “Zig Zag” – has proven popular with the KMA. For more, see Seoulbeats’ post on f(x)’s KMA nomination.

In addition to getting a nomination for Best Dance & Electronic Album, f(x) got two nominations for Best Dance & Electronica Song.


Glen CheckHaute Couture

glen check haute couture
Electro pop/indie dance band Glen Check debuted with the release of EP Disco Elevator early 2011. In March 2012 came the band’s first full-length album, Haute Couture, which became the band’s last release as a trio before continuing with the original two members. In an interview with this london chick, Glen Check said that Haute Couture is an ‘upgraded piece’ compared to Disco Elevator with a more ‘custom made’ sound prompting the name.

While Haute Couture is up for Best Dance & Electronic Album, Glen Check got a nomination for Rookie of the Year.



eaeon guilt-free
eAeon released his first, long awaited solo album Guilt-Free in February 2012. As a member of Mot he already won Rookie of the Year at the Korean Music Awards in 2005 and Best Modern Rock Album in 2008 for Strange Seasons. While always blending rock with a measure of electronica, with Guilt-Free eAeon has fully taken the leap into a digital sound.


G-DragonOne of a Kind

Bigbang leader G-Dragon is often perceived as one of the strongest idols of his generation. He made his solo debut with Heartbreaker in 2009 and his first mini album One of a Kind was released in September 2012. For the album he collaborated with some of YG Entertainment’s top producers and songwriters. Jaurim‘s Kim Yuna and Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan were both featured on the release which ranges from pop to hip hop.

In addition to One of a Kind getting a nomination for Best Dance& Electronic Album, the song with the same name is up both for Song of the Year and Best Rap & Hip Hop Song.


Cassette SchwarzeneggerGym with You

Cassette Schwarzenegger
Electro disco punk project Cassette Schwarzenegger debuted with the single Play in 2010. After getting delayed for a year, first full-length album Gym with You followed in January 2012. As the producer half of the duo, Eniac/StardonE has produced the album whereas Postino participated with his engineering services.

While Gym with You is nominated for Best Dance & Electronic Album, lead track “Super Hi Fi” is nominated for Best Dance & Electronic Song.


Best Dance & Electronic Song

f(x) – “Electric Shock”

Last year idol group f(x) got a KMA nomination for Best Dance & Electronic Song with “피노키오 (Danger)“, the lead track from f(x)’s first album. This year the feat was repeated with the title track from mini album Electric Shock. The KMA selection committee calls “Electric Shock” bizarre, destroying the boundaries between rap and melody whereas the flow of rhythm and arrangement go beyond conventions.

Not just “Electric Shock”, but also “제트별 (Jet)” from the same mini album got a nomination for Best Dance & Electronic Song.


f(x) – “제트별 (Jet)”

When f(x) released mini album Electric Shock they didn’t just promote it with “Electric Shock”, but also went on music shows promoting “제트별 (Jet)”. The song is written by SM Entertainment songwriter Kenzie who also wrote f(x) debut track “La Cha Ta”.


Psy – “Gangnam Style”

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” should need no further introduction, as it may be the most played song world wide during 2012 with a music video that is the most played video on YouTube ever – numbers currently standing at more than 1333 million views. As the lead track on part 1 of Psy’s sixth full-length album it took Korea by storm in July and by the power of social media it put Gangnam on the map and simultaneously turned Psy into a global celebrity. The hit track was written by Psy together with former Untitle member Yoo Keon Hyung. For anyone that wishes to learn more, wikipedia has a lengthy page dedicated to “Gangnam Style”.

In addition to getting a nomination for Best Dance & Electronic Song, “Gangnam Style” made is up for Song of the Year with Psy competing for Artist of the Year.


Sistar – “나 혼자 (Alone)”

Girl idol group Sistar debuted in 2010 with single “Push Push“. Since then several releases more have followed, thereamong first mini album Alone, that came out in April 2012. Lead track “나 혼자 (Alone)” was written by Brave Brothers and was recorded using real instruments in addition to all the electronic effects.


Cassette Schwarzenegger – “Super Hi Fi”

Equipped with a vintage electronic sound and a European flair, Cassette Schwarzenegger released first full-length album Gym with You in January 2012 and opened with lead track “Super Hi Fi”. The KMA foresees a promising future for the duo as they’ve circumvented the clichés of the current electronic trend in Korean music, on “Super Hi Fi” by mixing intelligent electronic beats with trendy pop.

With “Super Hi Fi” nominated for Best Dance & Electronic Song, Gym with You is nominated for Best Dance & Electronic Album.

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