10th Korean Music Awards Nominees : Song of the Year

This week we launched our 2013 KMA series where we take a look at all the nominees for the 10th Korean Music Awards. Starting with the Album of the Year nominees yesterday, today we proceed to listen to the nominees for Song of the Year.


3rd Line Butterfly – “헤어지는 날 바로 오늘”

When 3rd Line Butterfly returned with fourth full-length album Dreamtalk in October last year, “헤어지는 날 바로 오늘” had been appointed lead track. The lyrics open with the song title, meaning something along the lines of “today is the breakup day”, while Nahm Sang Ah‘s voice gives the song a sad and occassionally almost desperate air as she asks the antagonist not to go. The progression of the song from calm to loud resembles that of 3rd Line Butterfly’s 2009 comeback track “A Heavy Night Fog“, which was nominated in the same category for the 7th Korean Music Awards.

Not just a candidate for Song of the Year, “헤어지는 날 바로 오늘” is nominated also in the Best Modern Rock Song category, much like the album from which it came is nominated both for Album of the Year and Best Modern Rock Album. The band itself is nominated for Artist of the Year.


Kim Dae Jung – “300/30″

boonga Boonga Records released compilation 블루스 더. Blues in October, gathering some of Korea’s finest blues men. Among them was Kim Dae Jung, whose “300/30” opened the entire compilation. To a delta blues style melody he sings of meeting a harmonica blues man and taking bus 300/30 to various locations around Seoul with a desire to eat Pyongyang naengmyun.

In addition to being nominated for Song of the Year, “300/30” is nominated for Best Rock Song.


Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다”

Busking band Busker Busker rose to fame on talent show Superstar K3 where they placed second. The trio’s first full-length album, released in March 2012, was much appreciated with the songs ranking higher on the charts than much of the competition from idol bands. While album lead track “벚꽃 엔딩” may have been the most popular song of theirs at the time, “여수 밤바다” was a close second as it invited to a walk by the Yeosu night sea.

“여수 밤바다” is nominated also for Best Pop Song alongside “벚꽃 엔딩”, while the album the songs come from is nominated for Best Pop Album. Busker Busker themselves are nominated both for Artist of the Year and Rookie of the Year.


Psy – “Gangnam Style”

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” should need no further introduction, as it may be the most played song world wide during 2012 with a music video that is the most played video on YouTube ever – numbers currently standing at almost 1270 million views. As the lead track on part 1 of Psy’s sixth full-length album it took Korea by storm in July and by the power of social media it put Gangnam on the map and simultaneously turned Psy into a global celebrity. The hit track was written by Psy together with former Untitle member Yoo Keon Hyung. For anyone that wishes to learn more, wikipedia has a lengthy page dedicated to “Gangnam Style”.

“Gangnam Style” made the nominees list for both Song of the Year and Best Dance & Electronic Song and also contributed to getting Psy himself a nomination for Artist of the Year.


G-Dragon – “One of a Kind”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon released his first mini album One of a Kind in September. Prior to the release it was promoted with a couple of music videos, the second the song with the same name that turned out to be the album opening track. “One of a Kind” is written by G-Dragon himself in collaboration with YG producer Choice37, complimented for its original hip hop groove sound and G-Dragon’s rap delivery.

“One of a Kind” is nominated also for Best Rap & Hip Hop Song of the year whereas the the mini album is nominated for Best Dance & Electronic Album.

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