Yoon Sang Collaborates with Daybreak and One More Chance


In September 2012 Mnet launched music show Music Triangle (뮤직 트라이앵글), actively working to put a bigger variety of music on TV including not just dance music and ballads but also hip-hop, rock and indie music. The show is hosted by Yoon Sang which since the start has been guested by artists such as Toxic, Autumn Vacation, Standing EggPeterpan Complex, House Rulez, Theatre No.8J Rabbit and Kingston Rudieska.

The latest episode aired on December 26th, among others featuring Wiretap In My Ear, Romantic Punch, Daybreak and One More Chance.  During the episode Yoon Sang performed a number of covers together with some of the participating artists, two of which have since been released on special digital singles. First out was the Yoon Sang and Daybreak collaboration to do Yoon Sang’s own “한 걸음 더” on the 31st of December. Yesterday, January 7th, followed part 2 – Yoon Sang and One More Chance performing Christmas song “크리스마스에는 축복을”.

Here’s the Yoon Sang & One More Chance performance of “크리스마스에는 축복을” on Music Triangle:


While on the show One More Chance also performed their own “널 생각해”, from the duo’s self-titled 2010 EP:


Here’s the Yoon Sang & Daybreak performance of “한 걸음 더”:


Daybreak also offered a performance of third album song “Silly” during the episode:


Although not performing with Yoon Sang, Wiretap In My Ear and Romantic Punch too offered a special collaboration performance as Romantic Punch joined Wiretap In My Ear on stage for Wiretap In My Ear’s fourth album song “실험”:


The next episode of Music Triangle is on 6pm on Wednesday January 9 with Dick Punks among the guests.


The full Music Triangle episodes can be streamed from Mnet.

Via: Bugs Music 1, 2

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