Winners of Mint Paper Awards 2012


Starting in 2010, Mint Paper annually let members and music experts vote for the Mint Paper Awards. The results from Mint Paper Awards 2012 were announced at Countdown Fantasy 2012-2013:

Rookie of The Year: The Solutions
Concert of The Year: Kim Dong Ryul감사
Song of The Year: 10cm – “Fine Thank You and You?”
Album of The Year: EZ Hyoung청춘마끼아또 & PeppertonesBeginner’s Luck
Artist of The Year: Daybreak

Already on the day of announcements the thank you videos were uploaded to Mint Paper’s YouTube channel, all in Korean:
– The Solutions: Mint Paper Awards 2012 올해의 신인 ‘솔루션스(THE SOLUTIONS)’
– 10cm: Mint Paper Awards 2012 올해의 노래 ’10cm – Fine thank you and you?’
– EZ Hyoung: Mint Paper Awards 2012 올해의 앨범 ‘이지형 [청춘마끼아또]’
– Peppertones: Mint Paper Awards 2012 올해의 앨범 ‘페퍼톤스 [beginner’s luck]’
– Daybreak: Mint Paper Awards 2012 올해의 아티스트 ‘데이브레이크(DAYBREAK)’

The Solutions – the joint project of Naru and Park Sol, the latter nominated in the rookie category also last year – debuted with digital single Sounds of the universe in June and followed up with a self-titled full-length album. The album was promoted with a music video for “Lines”:

Kim Dong Ryul offered his 2012 concert 감사 throughout Korea on a total of 15 occasions, starting with two dates in Busan in September with the final two dates in Daegu in December. Mint Paper put together a brief video showing some highlights:

“Fine Thank You and You” was the lead track off 10cm’s highly anticipated sophomore album 2.0, here performed on MBC’s Real Modern Concert:

This year each category only had three nominees, compared to five last year. Excluding the winners, the nominees for each category were the following:

Rookie Nominees
– John Park
– Hologram Film

Concert Nominees
– 10cm x Daybreak – ADD2
– Soran미쳤나봐: 영화의 재구성+더 버라이어티

Song Nominees
– Epitone Project – “새벽녘
– Peppertones – “행운을 빌어요

Album Nominees
– Daybreak – SPACEenSUM

Artist Nominees
– 10cm
– Epitone Project

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