Sugarbowl Returns with Fall Single

Almost five years after the release of first EP Sugarbowl the soulful and groovy band with the same name made a return with a digital single in April this year. Another Sugarbowl single followed three months later, and today October 30th, another three months more, comes digital single 우리 이렇게. Like the previous singles the song is meant to reflect the current season–spring, summer, and now fall.

Fans are encouraged to keep in touch with Sugarbowl via Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on the winter issue.

Sugarbowl vocalist Ko Changin has shared the audio for the new song through his YouTube channel:


Also the songs from the previous singles have been shared on YouTube by Ko Changin, below summer song “여름 밤 탓 (Because of)” to the left and spring song “연애담 (Love Pieces)” to the right:


Via: dal music

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