Newk Channels European Metal Opera for Fifth Album

It’s been almost ten years since heavy metal band Newk debuted with The 1st. Escaping From Myself and two years since fourth album Heavy Life.  Today October 30th came the digital release of fifth full-length album Nuclear Weapon, the CD version set to follow on October 31st. The album comes with a 2012 version of first album track “떠나버려”, Inspired by European metal opera, a total of nine Korean metal musicians have been invited for guest appearances on the album.

There is Won‘s Sohn Chang Hyun on “The One” and “왕의 자리”, the latter also with guitarist Kimmy Gunn; guitarist Lee Hyun Suk and Mir‘s Kim Shi Yoo on “The Blessed Land”; Syndicate‘s Choi Young Jae on “Farewell”; Black Hole‘s Choo Sang Kyun on “그리움의 기억”; Black Hole’s Lee Won Jae on “괴로움의 낙원”, Lee Won Jae also on “Run Away” together with Zihard‘s Park Young Soo and Barkhouse‘s Jeong Hong Il aka Red One.

A 16 minute audio sampler showing off all songs on the album is available on YouTube, courtesy of current Newk drummer Heo Juhee:

Via: Hyang Music; Bugs Music

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