Young Gifted & Wack Launches MukimukiManmansu Remix Contest

Monday this week, September 17th, Korean underground music zine Young Gifted & Wack together with Beatball Records launched a MukimukiManmansu remix and remake contest. Together with the arrangers of the contest MukimukiManmansu will name the winners for a number of categories, each with its own set of prices. A cappella tracks for MukimukiManmansu’s first album tracks “안드로메다“, “방화범”, “식물원” and “나는 빠리의 택시 운전사” have been made available for the occasion. Though the contest doesn’t close until October 5th there have already been several entries. The winners will be announced on October 11th.

Among the contest entries posted on Young Gifted & Wack today, there’s a particularly interesting black metal take on “안드로메다” offered by Pyha:


Also in today’s yield is Mimyo’s “Post K-pop Remix” of “식물원”:

Via: Young Gifted & Wack

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