Pia and Windy City Perform on Immortal Song 2

Rock band Pia made their first appearance on Immortal Song 2 during the Lee Seung Hwan special, broadcast on September 1st. With a couple of camel statues on stage, Pia made Lee Seung Hwan’s “붉은 낙타” into their own also inviting No Brain‘s Lee Sung Woo to sing on stage. Prior to their performance vocalist Yohan had been outed as an “uncle fan” of f(x)‘s Luna. When the two were facing each other for the duel Luna came out as the winner following a strong ballad take on “천일동안“. Having made a show number out of  “덩크슛” Ulala Session eventually came out as the winners of the episode.

A week earlier, August 25th, reggae band Windy City could be seen on Immortal Song 2, participating in the Lee Jang Hee special. They were the first act out for part 2 of the show covering the classic “그건 너“. At first Kim Ban Jang and his troupe confused the audience with an arrangement on the traditional side, reminiscent of a toned down I&I Djangdan, but as the refrain started the audience recognized lyrics and started clapping along. As Kim Ban Jang took his place behind the drums the arrangement changed to incorporate both more of the original melody and a Windy City sound.

Facing Infinite‘s Sunggyu, who had come out the strongest contestant during  part 1 of the Lee Jang Hee special, Windy City won the the duel. They proceeded to win also over Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and Ulala Session before Ali offered her version of “한잔의 추억” and instead won over Windy City. At the end of the episode, Cha Ji Yeon stood as the final winner of the Immortal Song 2 Lee Jang Hee special after a nu-metal version of the Kim Wan Sun‘s “이젠 잊기로 해요” supported by Diablo.

Here’s Pia’s contribution to the Lee Seung Hwan special:


Starting roughly two minutes into this video, here is Windy City’s performance of “그건 너”:


Winner of the Lee Jang Hee special, here’s Cha Ji Yeon together with Diablo covering “이젠 잊기로 해요”:

Via: Immortal Song 2 E63-64; Bugs Music

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