Trampauline Release Second Album in Japan with Bonus Tracks

Trampauline‘s second full-length album This Is Why We Are Falling For Each Other got a Japanese release today, June 20th. Not only equipped with a new cover, the Japanese edition also comes with three bonus tracks. One of the bonus tracks is a song called “1995” and the other two are remixes familiar from the This Is Why We Are Falling (Falling Falling) For Each Other remix EP distributed with the first copies of the album when released in Korea last year: Mimyo’s “Dusty Wing Remix” of “History Of Love” and Elena’s “Mad Rabbit” remix of “Love Me Like Nothing’s Happened Before”

Last year recorded a music video for “Anthropology”, the lead track off the album:


Both of the bonus remixes can be sampled from the Trampauline Remixes SoundCloud.

Via: Mimyo; Tower Records

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