The Koxx and Busker Busker win at Mnet 20’s Choice

The winners of the Mnet 20’s Choice awards were announced during a summer party themed event today. The Koxx won the 20’s Band category in competition with Daybreak, Glen Check, Guckkasten and Monni. Busker Busker took home the 20’s Online Music category in competition with IU, LeeSsang, Se7en and T-ara.

During the event Ailee offered a special performance first singing a bit of “들었다 놨다” together with Daybreak, then moving on to perform a piece of “그대와 함께” together with Monni and then getting on stage to sing a bit of “12:00” together with The Koxx before proceeding with a rock version of her own single “Heaven”.


Also offering a joint performance were Busker Busker together with miss A‘s Suzy. First Busker Busker performed a part of their “여수 밤바다” before Suzy continued with a bit of “눈물이 많아서” after which they together moved on to “벚꽃 엔딩”.

Via: 12:00; Mnet; Korean rock is real; Omona They Didn’t

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