May On Stage Sessions : Vidulgi OoyoO, Joyful Island, Park Jiyoon, The Pony, Harry Big Button

Every Thursday Naver Music presents a Korean indie musicians and bands through its On Stage Session series. In addition to introducing the artist, each ‘episode’ brings a set of high quality live videos and accompanying photos. The format has been created by Studio Lovo, that also share the videos on both Vimeo and YouTube with a slight delay. May brought us videos and photos of Vidulgi OoyoO, Joyful Island, Park Jiyoon, The Pony and Harry Big Buttton with the last videos uploaded yesterday.


76th: Vidulgi OoyoO

Shoegazer band Vidulgi OoyoO showed off their stunning droning skills in a studio live performance for their On Stage Session. They played “Goodnight Shining” from the 2010 split album with Chicago based band as well as new song “Only Shadow” and live favorite “Infinity”: Musicians who find beauty from noise



77th: Joyful Island

Acoustic band Joyful Island were filmed at three different outdoor locations in Seoul while performing songs for On Stage. They played “아침부터 카니발” from last year’s debut mini album as well as “망원동 로마니” and “위로의 노래”: Modern city’s joyful gypsies.



78th: Park Jiyoon

Singer-songwriter and former idol Park Jiyoon made a special studio live performance for the On Stage videos, playing “Quiet Dream”, “오후” and “고백” from her eighth full-length album Tree of Life: Flower between beauty and sadness.



79th: The Pony

The Pony got their On Stage videos filmed while playing a Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session. The videos show both “너의 집” and “누구의 방” from this year’s Little Apartment as well as “모든 게 다 사랑이라네” from The Pony’s eponymous 2009 debut album: Boys playing with music.



80th: Harry Big Button

Harry Big Button have recently gained themselves some attention from appearing on Top Band 2. They had their On Stage videos shot in a studio, performing both “Fxxx You Very Much” and “Angry Face” from their Hard’N’Loud debut single as well as “TV Show” for which Garion made a special performance: Real man’s passion and pride.


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