Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session Music Videos

Viewzic Sessions combine visuals with music as VJ Parpunk pairs up with various artists. They’ve been running since 2010, but have become more high profile this year as Fred Perry Subculture has begun sponsoring them. The first Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session 2012 took place on December 24th 2011 and as part of the collaboration a set of music videos have been filmed for some participating artists.

The most recent music video came a week ago and showcases The Pony‘s new EP song “누구의 방 (The Other Room)”. Previously music videos have been filmed for Telepathy, Kayip and Glen Check.

Glen Check’s “Racket” was the first music video to come out of this collaboration:


A video for Kayip’s “Across”, featuring Yi Sung Yol, came a couple of months later:


And then there was the live music video for Telepathy’s Techno Shoes single track “The White Pillow”:


Also not to be missed is this trailer for the joint Gogo Star and Telepathy Viewzic Session held last weekend, with music composed by Telepathy vocalist Choi Suk:

Source: Parpunk’s Vimeo

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