Kingston Rudieska Cover Yang Hee Eun on Immortal Song 2

After backing up No Brain on Immortal Song 2 on a couple occasions, Kingston Rudieska made their first own appearance on the show during part one of the Yang Hee Eun special, aired June 16th. They did so with a ska rendition of “아름다운 것들“, the Korean version of Joan Baez song “Mary Hamilton”. The audience responded well, standing up and clapping along from the beginning, but even so the nine members lost against Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and his strong ballad take on “하얀 목련“.

All songs from the episode were released on digital compilation <불후의 명곡 – 전설을 노래하다> – 양희은1편 after the show.

Here is Kingston Rudieska’s performance from the show:

Via: Immortal Song 2 E55; Bugs Music

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