6th Korean Music Awards Winners

I’m not quite sure when it happened – the 6th annual Korean Music Awards site has me confused- but from Wikipedia it certainly seems like the KMA winners have been announced. You might’ve aleady come across the list elsewhere, but here we go:

Album of the year: Sister’s Barbershop《가장 보통의 존재》
Song of the year: Jang Ki Ha & The Faces 〈싸구려 커피〉《싸구려 커피》
Musician of the year: Toy 《Thank You》
Newcomer of the year: Loro’s 《Pax》

Rock song: Jang Ki Ha & The Faces 〈싸구려 커피〉《싸구려 커피》
Rock album: Galaxy Express 《Noise On Fire》
Modern rock song: Sister’s Barbershop 〈아름다운 것〉《가장 보통의 존재》
Modern rock album: Sister’s Barbershop 《가장 보통의 존재》
Hiphop song: Dynamic Duo 〈어머니의 된장국〉《Last Days》
Hiphop album: Verbal Jint 《누명》
Pop song: Toy 〈뜨거운 안녕〉《Thank You》
Pop album; Kim Dong Ryul 《Monologue》
Dance & Electronic song: W&Whale 〈R.P.G Shine〉《Hardboiled》
Dance & Electronic album: W&Whale 《Hardboiled》
R&B & Soul song: Taeyang 〈나만 바라봐〉《Hot》
R&B & Soul album: Taeyang 《Hot》
Jazz album: Youn Sun Nah 《Voyage》
Crossover album: Duo Miyeon & Pack 《Dreams From The Ancestor》
Movie/Drama soundtrack of the year: Yang Bang Ean 《Asian Corridor In Heaven (차마고도)》

Netizen’s Choice, male artist: Jang Ki Ha & The Faces 《싸구려 커피》
Netizen’s Choice, female artist: Younha 《Someday》
Netizen’s Choice, group: Wonder Girls 《Trilogy》
Netizen’s Choice, pop: Younha 《고백하기 좋은 날》

Special merit price: Sanullim

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  1. Philip

    Thanks for the summary. I couldn’t find a decent source for the winners. So glad that Nah Youn Sun is coming to London in May. Can’t wait!

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