No Control Release Version 2 Songs on Digital Single

Post punk/noise rock/shoegaze band No Control released their first full-length album in April, but already on May 15th they are back with digital single Hiroshima featuring “version 2” of two of the album songs, “히로시마” and “사장님개새끼”.

Asking No Control’s Hwang about the release it turns out the versions are in fact older than the album, with “히로시마” recorded already in February 2011 and included on the bands debut EP You Have No Control. Blues man Ha Heon Jin plays the guitar on the track. At the time of release You Have No Control did not get an official distribution online due to the issue of unfair practice in the online music industry, but as the band decided to release their new music online this year they wanted to also release their past music online.

Here are the original You Have No Control versions of “히로시마 (Hiroshima)” and “사장님개새끼 (Fuck My Boss)”

Sources: Digitalrecord; No Control

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