Free Market Release New Album Using Old Name

After a quick stunt as Voice & Noise earlier this year, Free Market are now back with a new full-length album under the name Free Market. Though the band formed already in 1999 it was not until 2006 that they released their first album and their most recent offering, My Present, counts as the second Free Market album.

Though the single released as Voice & Noise, Ben Calls Claire, was said to show music of a different color all three songs from it can also be found on the new album. Also included are all three songs from last year’s Free Market single as well as a cover of Shin Joong Hyun‘s “바람”, perhaps best known as performed by Kim Jung Mi.

The album is divided into three different sections: easy, middle and hard. The easy part is said to focus on clean modern rock whereas the middle part has more of a melodic punk rock style and the hard part has a heavier beat. Pia‘s FX maker Simz is featured on the album.

When Free Market released their single last year they also released a music video for “Don’t Touch My Love”, now listed in the ‘middle’ part of the album:


Here is a recent performance of new album song “화내지말아요”, another ‘middle’ song:


Already a year ago Free Market could be found performing a couple of the previously unreleased songs on the new album. Here are two songs from the ‘hard’ part, “Prison” and “My Fault”:

Via: Hyang Music; maniadb

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