Delispice Yun Jun Ho and Keyboardist Ko Kyung Chun Behind Over My Dead Body OST

End of March crime comedy Over My Dead Body (시체가 돌아왔다) starring Lee Bum Soo, Ryu Seung Bum and Kim Ok Vin opened on Korean cinemas. A day later, on March 30th, came the digital release of the soundtrack and on April 12th followed the CD release. Responsible for most of the movie score was Delispice bassist Yun Jun Ho, and helping out was his Omega 3 colleague Ko Kyung Chun.

Zero Gravity BoysKim Young Soo composed two of the tracks and from the album info it seems as though Kingston Rudieska too were involved. Lead track on the soundtrack is Galaxy Express’ Wild Days song “피리소리”, but the movie was promoted with a music video for Primary‘s “자니”, a song on which Dynamic Duo are featured.

Sources: Hyang Music; Bugs Music; Daum Movie

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