Busker Busker Stand Still on Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

The Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the week of May 5 was revealed today. Although three new songs have debuted in the top 12, remarkably enough Busker Busker keep the position for their four songs in the top 13 since last week. The other songs have all fallen a bit, but remain visible in the top 50. These are the positions currently held on the chart by Busker Busker songs:

2. “벚꽃 엔딩” (-)
5. “여수 밤바다” (-)
6. “첫사랑” (-)
13. “꽃송이가” (-)
22. “외로움 증폭장치” (-6)
25. “이상형” (-8)
38. “전활 거네” (-7)
42. “향수” (-6)
44. “골목길 어귀에서” (-6)
45. “봄바람” (-6)

Nell, who last week could see “그리고 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before)” do quite a bit of climbing, are now forced to see it go the other way; down sixteens spots to position 20. All of the other songs from the new Nell album have now moved below the top 50 making them invisible without a billboard.biz account.

With Jang Yoon Jeong and Nam Jin‘s three years old trot number “당신이 좋아” re-entering the chart at position 85, 10cm‘s “애상” has gone from fifth to sixth longest lasting song currently on the chart. Since last week it is has fallen thirteens spots to position 97, leaving it at risk to leave the chart entirely till next week.

Source: Billboard

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