Bands Moving on to Second Round of Top Band 2 Auditions Announced

Auditions for season 2 of KBS band survival show Top Band opened in February and the show itself will start airing on May 4th. The first round of auditions is over and now the 99 bands that made the cut for the next round have been announced:

#: 4 Brothers, 4Hz

A: Achtung, A Clock Work Orange, Analog Freak, AshGray, Au Revoir Michelle

B: Band EZ, Bang Bang Tree, Black Bag, Black Dogs

C: Cheezstereo, Chiva Sound, Clumsy, Coreyah, Cretem, Crimson Butterfly Ensemble

D: Daybreak, Disco Bongs, DOT

E: Electric Visor, Exit no. 4

F: Fantastic Drug Store, Fellas, Frenzy, Frida Kahlo

G: Gajami Boyscout, Ghostwind, Gogoboys, Guten Birds

H: Hakdong 8 Gate, Harry Big Button, Hlin, Hologram Party, Humpbacks

I: IIndian, Ironic Hue, Ishtar

J: Javo Island, Jung Band

L: La Piata, Loose Misty

M: Magna Fall, Magnum69, Mary Story, Met, MetallateM, Microkid, MonkeyBeatz, Monni,

N: Nabi:mat, Nemesis, Nevada51, Nickea, No.1 Korean, No Respect For Beauty

O: On The Spot

P: Patients, Pearl’s Day, Peterpan Complex, Pia, Psychics

Q: Quartz, Queen’s Nest,

R: Remnants of the Fallen, Rock’n’Roll Radio, Romantic Punch, Rose Motel, Rubber Duckie, Rururu

S: Sad Legend, Siberian Husky, Square The Circle, Stone Project, Story Seller, Sumiara & Phonestuber, Super Kidd, Swingz

T: Tacopy, Tal Band, Tangadool, The Electric Eels, The Koxx, The Mu, The Quip, The United93, Thizt, Transfixion

U: Unside

V: Vanila City, Vanilla Unity, Vending Machine,

W: Wings of the Isang, Wiretap In My Ear, Wise Apple

Y: YaYa, Yery Band, Ynot?

Z: Zebon Bros


Once the show airs Korean Indie will make sure to have it covered on the main site, but already this Monday we’ll start introducing the bands that have made it this far in the auditions.

Sources: Korean rock is real; KBS

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