Ynot? and Kingston Rudieska on Playground Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Playground series was published on YouTube yesterday. This week we get to see funky rock band Ynot?, jazz saxophonist Hyunpill Shin and ska band Kingston Rudieska engage in panel discussions together with the hosts between song performances. If you don’t know Korean or simply don’t care for the talk, like before all performances have also been uploaded separately.

Ynot? performed “선인장” and “Lets Rock Now” originally from their 10 years old debut album, both of which were also performed for the live album they released last month.



Instead going for the very latest, Kingston Rudieska performed both songs from last week’s digital single, “Dandelion” and “니 말이 화나”.



As far as I can tell from maniadb Hyunpill Shin has yet to release a solo album of any kind, so perhaps offering the freshest music of them all he performed two pieces called “Dolphin Groove” and “Long Beach”.


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