Ynot? to Release Double CD Live Album

Almost exactly a year after the release of third full-length album What The Funk?, ‘funky rock band’ Ynot? will release a live album on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Recorded during the Ynot? 生 show held at Ynot vocalist Jumong‘s Club Ta on October 15th, 2011 the album spans two CDs and holds 25 tracks total.

Being a very charismatic live band, even those that generally wouldn’t go for any kind of funk may well appreciate Ynot’s music in a live setting. In October last year three videos with Ynot? performing songs from their third album were released as part of Live Planet season 2.



“Livin’ in Today”:


“Run, you’d better”:


Recordings of all of the songs above are also available on the coming live album.

If you’d rather hear what Ynot? sounded like when actually recording the Ynot? 生 live album, YouTube user bestno666 was there filming and shares the first 15 songs in a playlist.

Sources: Jumong’s Twitter; Hyang Music

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