Second Full-Length Album from VictorView

Guitarist Victor View released his first EP Oil Painting in 2009. Since then he has released a number of singles and EPs more as well as a full-length album. Today, March 13th, his second full-length album Da Capo was released online with the offline release following already on Thursday the 15th.

Titles on the tracklist familiar from previous offerings are “Step By Step” from the 2010 release New Try as well as “With You” from last year’s Love single. Also included is a take on Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Minuet in G Major” from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach.

If you like the cover image you can see more of the album’s pretty artwork at Digitalrecord’s blog. A music video for album main track “Race” was released last week:


A few months ago Victor View participated in an Off The Record session performing “With You”:


Here’s a video of Victor View playing “Step By Step” from last summer:


The album trailer came out late February:

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