New Single from National Pigeon Unity

On March 2nd always impressive rock act National Pigeon Unity released digital single Molotov Cocktail. In addition to a song with the same title, the single also includes a new recording of “눈동자”–a song first released on single in 2009 and also included on NPU’s first full-length album in 2010. Additionally the single comes with a remix of “눈동자” made by Apollo 18‘s Kim Daeinn, aka Jelly Boy.

This weekend NPU held two shows celebrating five years as a band. The teaser video shows the band from the start as a trio till today with in its current duo formation:


Here is a performance of “Molotov Cocktail” from that very Friday show:


Here’s a performance from 2009 of “눈동자”:

Sources: Korean rock is real; maniadb

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