K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.02.19~2012.02.25

After seeing almost her full new album on Gaon’s Korean digital chart last time, Park Jiyoon has had to see all but one of the songs fall out of the top 200 till this week. However counting no less than 6 newcomers with some indie connection the chart our weekly chart extract does not look all that empty anyway.

25. 10cm – “애상” (-7)
50. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-34)
65. Park Jiyoon – “나무가 되는 꿈” (-5)
81. Taru – “봄이 왔다” (new)
95. Soran – “벚꽃이 내린다” (new)
123. J Rabbit – “인사” (new)
124. Lee Sang Eun – “안녕, 좋은 하루” (new)
131. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-8)
133. Taru – “Summer Day” (-36)
150. The Kitchen – “크로크무슈” (new)
170. OK Punk! – “Not The End” (-5)
184. 10cm – “사랑은 은하수 다방에서” (+13)
200. Mongoose – “이른 한강에서” (new)

Four female singer-songwriters of different flavors have formed project group The Kitchen. The first single came in October last year and the second one, Croque Monsieur, got a digital release on February 23rd and that’s where “크로크무슈” comes from.

Sources: Gaon; Bugs Music

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