3rd Line Butterfly Release Special English Album

The 2K12 Seoulsonic North America tour launched in San Francisco today. One of the bands on the tour is 3rd Line Butterfly and to market themselves a bit extra, they’ll be releasing a special English language album on March 15th, Ice Cube. With twelve tracks in total, eight are songs previously included on the band’s Korean albums whereas four are songs that will be re-recorded in Korean for the band’s fourth full-length album.

Among the titles are “Nine Days”, that was released with English lyrics already for the band’s 2009 comeback EP Nine Days Or A Million. From the same EP comes “Titicaca”. Other familiar titles include “Ice Cube” and “방파제 (Waterbreak)” from the first full-length album, “식민지 (Colony)” and “Oh Silence” from the second full-length album as well as “Weeping Yellowmoon” and “사랑은 어디에 (Where is Love)” from the third full-length album.

Update 2012-03-12: Beatball just uploaded full new track “Story Undone” for sampling at SoundCloud:

Here is a performance from 2009 of “Nine Days”:


Here is a studio live performance of the Korean version of the title track, already including plenty of English:

Source: Hyang Music

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