10cm Fall Seven Positions on Billboard’s K-Pop Chart

Billboard published the Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart for the week of March 31 today. We find 10cm yet another few spots lower than last week, dropping seven spots down to position 36 with “애상”. They have as many songs debuting on the chart ahead of them with three songs debuting lower on the chart last week climbing past.

This week 10cm have fallen behind Trouble Maker‘s “Trouble Maker” and 2AM‘s “추억 다 지워” whereas Big Bang‘s “날개”, Kim Tae Woo‘s “그래서 달린다”, Monday Kiz‘s Kim Hyung Joong cover “그랬나봐”, Blue Berry‘s “넌 내애인이고 사랑이고 운명이야” and Song Hye Gyo & John Park‘s “Switch” all fell behind 10cm.

Remaining in the top 50, moving done just one spot to postition 49, is “Love U Like U” from Shut Up! Flower Boy Band with Infinite‘s L and Two MonthsKim Yerim.

Source: Billboard

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